The World of Dr. Baughman – Asperger’s Syndrome Does Not Exist

I n the “World According to Baughman,” Asperger’s Syndrome is another one of those nonsensical psychiatric “diseases.” For those of you who prefer to remain deluded by the psychiatric community, you may want to amuse yourself by visiting the Asperger Society website. Sent: Monday, August 18, 2003 9:22 PM Subject: Asperger’s Syndrome? Dr. Baughman, Are you familiar with a new “pervasive developmental disorder” called Asperger’s Syndrome? Apparently, if a subject does not enjoy making vacuous small talk about pop culture, has interests which differ from an (unspecified) approved list or shows in-depth interest in any topic, displays “excessive” knowledge while answering a question, is not overly concerned with what others think and is resistant to peer pressure, then the subject is considered to have a disability and in need of psychotropic drug therapy. It seems as though admirable qualities of an independent, serious minded, intelligent mature individual have now been turned, Orwellian style, into deficiencies which require drastic remediation. I have found your commentary on ADHD quite useful and was wondering what you thought of Asperger’s Syndrome. Could you comment? Sign me, A Concerned Parent [Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD: this variant of autism is not associated with a demonstrable brain/body abnormality, is not a disease/abnormality, does not therefore require, justify medical treatment. fb] Source:

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  • ginapera

    Has anyone else ever thought that perhaps Dr. Baughman doth protest too much?

    I mean, why would anyone put so much time and energy into denying ADHD and other brain conditions?

    The term “oppositional defiance” does come to mind….;-)


    • Stefan van Westing

      Because the gruesome reality of this is that these diagnosis manuals specifically aim at children.

      The psychiatric community is making parents believe that being intelligent, having a good capacity to focus on subject matter X, and not caring a lot about trivial non-issues like pop culture and the latest music video of Justin Bieber, but instead having profound interest in important issues like politics, economics, human rights, science and technology, or literature is some form of “mental retardation” that their child would suffer from

      This is where the gruesome reality comes into play, because intelligent and perfectly healthy children are being put on to expensive medicine that they don’t need for anything, and at best will only waste money, and at worst will actually damage children (side effects from medicine) and might interfere with the child’s bodily development, and brain development (the animation series Southpark has a bell-ringing episode on the negative effects of giving children Ritalin who do not even remotely need any medicine that i’d recommend you to watch in order to understand my point)

      It’s an extortion racket that ends up harming millions of children worldwide, as well as adults.

      Maybe you’re having a hard time grasping the gravity of the situation, realizing the damage caused, or realizing that the pharmaceutical company and the psychiatric community are almost one and the same, and many specialists have have occupations in both fields and many psychiatrists own stocks from pharmaceutical companies.

      Since psychiatrists handle the DMV (psychiatry bible) they will be able to predict what medicine will become high in demand after a new edition of the DMV is released (like the ‘outbreak’ of autism that conveniently occurred immediately after the release of the new DMV, and i believe that was the DMV-IV) and therefore invest into certain medicine.

      And that all of this is a billion dollar industry … that’s Billion with a big B
      These people have serious financial incentives to attempt to trick society into thinking that perfectly normal behavior and virtuous attributes are a “disease” that needs medicine for treatment … medicine that is always very expensive.

      The fact that these psychiatrists call having regular social skills, higher than average intellect, higher than average lingual skills, and a decent capacity to focus on subject matter X (usually something relevant/beneficial to mankind) is a “handicap” and a form of “mental retardation” shows who really has mental retardation.

      However i don’t think those psychiatrists are in fact mentally retarded … it’s either incompetence or malice … and i’m putting my money on malice.

      I can smell something ominous and sinister about the psychiatric community, and therefore i just made this appeal to your common sense and the good nature that most people have, because this corruption will go on unfettered unless people like you and me decide to come into action against it.

      I wish to urge you to ponder over this issue, because it’s in no single way a laughing matter.

      Blessings and greets, Steven.

      • Jeffs ADD Mind

        Thank you for explaining, in great detail, the “paranoid” view on psychiatry.

        • Stefan van Westing

          Thanks … though some (like Vincent on this page) would go as far as to classify me a “tin foil” conspiracy nut.

          Not really what i am, but it’s so obvious after the “autism epidemic” after the release of the DSM-IV in 1994 that certain “illnesses” explode after this manual changes it’s diagnostic criteria.

          There needs to be some serious auditing on the psychiatric communities.

          The world has too many of them anyway, and they’re all too enthusiastic.

          • Jeffs ADD Mind

            It’s likely that some sociologist(s) has done such an audit.

            An interesting examination of the changing concept of “madness” can be found in Foucault’s “Madness and Civilization.” See:

      • vincent

        but, u failed to warn us about the imminent invasion of martians

        • Stefan van Westing

          Ohw …. applause …. that’s such a good argument …. really addresses the subject matter and such …

          You really need to stop embarrassing yourself.

    • vincent

      i demand baughman undergo a live lobotomy to determine if there are any signs of intelligent life. what di ya say, freddy?

      • Stefan van Westing

        Uhu …. a “live” lobotomy …. because “dead lobotomy’s” exist …. right ?

        Dickhead … Jesus you never heard of a saying Rudyard Kipling that goes “it’s best to shut up and let people think you’re an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”

        You could learn something from that.

  • Gilbert De Bruycker

    J Abnorm Child Psychol. 2001 Jun;29(3):263-71.
    Does DSM-IV Asperger’s disorder exist?
    Mayes SD, Calhoun SL, Crites DL.

    Department of Psychiatry, The Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine, Hershey, USA.

    DSM-IV criteria for autistic and Asperger’s disorders were applied to 157 children with clinical diagnoses of autism or Asperger’s disorder. All children met the DSM-IV criteria for autistic disorder and none met criteria for Asperger’s disorder, including those with normal intelligence and absence of early speech delay. The reason for this was that all children had social impairment and restricted and repetitive behavior and interests (required DSM-IV symptoms for both autistic and Asperger’s disorders) and all had a DSM-IV communication impairment (which then qualified them for a diagnosis of autistic disorder and not Asperger’s disorder). Communication problems exhibited by all children were impaired conversational speech or repetitive, stereotyped, or idiosyncratic speech (or both), which are DSM-IV criteria for autism. These findings are consistent with those of 5 other studies and indicate that a DSM-IV diagnosis of Asperger’s disorder is unlikely or impossible.

    PMID: 11411788 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

  • Jeff


    Perhaps you can explain this further. Does this mean that the current definition of Asperger’s is one that could not exist “in the real world”? Or is it that the DSM-IV definition of Asperger’s is so narrow that few would be considered to have Asperger’s?

  • Gilbert De Bruycker


    I guess this is an appropriate answer to your question:

    “There is no specific test for Aspergers. There is no medical test, no genetic test, no definitive psychological test for Aspergers. Aspergers is defined and diagnosed behaviorally. There are quizzes and questionnaires where people with Asperger syndrome will on average score higher or lower than the rest of the population, but in themselves they are not adequate for a diagnosis by themselves. That means that someone who is trained in Autism Spectrum Disorders generally and who has specific experience with Aspergers must get to know a person and through their observations and interviews come to make the diagnosis based on those experiences.”

    P.S. The DSM IV criteria for Asperger’s Syndrome are different from those used by Attwood.

    • Stefan van Westing

      which is exactly the reason why they can never pinpoint any cause of Aspergers … because it doesn’t exist.

      Being intelligent is a perfectly normal attribute … there is no mental defect, and therefore finding a cause for a non-existing mental disorder cannot be done.

      Contrary to for example Psychopathy … something that clearly has a cause easy to point out, and results into truly dysfunctional behavior … like murder, rape, and battery.

      being intelligent is not exactly dysfunctional behavior i would argue.

  • Jeff


    Thanks so much. That definitely clarifies things.

  • The Favored Drummer

    I think I love you. Having the Asperger Syndrome diagnosis has stunted my childhood and made me a victim.

    On “Asperger Syndrome” as an Autistic Spectrum Disorder: I have met people with autism and in a nutshell I can’t understand them because they are incapable of communicating their ideas to other people. People diagnosed with “Asperger Syndrome” don’t actually have that problem. They’re just a little weird.

    And honestly, what is wrong with a little weirdness?

    All “Asperger Syndrome” is another reincarnation of the Child Psychiatric Labeling Trend. (Another incarnation is ADD/ADHD) Spread the word. Save future schoolchildren. Support the Anti Psychiatric Labeling Movement.

    • nyob

      I was right! sadly once you’re misdiagnosed it takes a lot of money and support to disprove a label or change it! I’m a victim of biased (greedy) quack docs and nearly 28 years of malpractice and medication hopping (meds made me sick, prob contributed to my hormonal issues)! I’m also a victim of a child abuse (slapped, neglected, etc; nothing sexual! Pa was always at work, while my undiagnosed bipolar(?) mom beat/slapped me around!)! I grew into a very wise, sensitive, but miserable woman!

      • Jeff

        Were you misdiagnosed as ADHD? Asperger’s?

      • Stefan van Westing

        I cannot believe how much i can relate to that.

        Especially the part of being neglected by my mother and physically assaulted.

  • xochi

    After years of difficulty in just about every facet of life I’ve recently returned to the psychology arena for another go at becoming a more functional adult. I did so with huge reservations and little hope.

    I am a weird guy but everyone is when you really get to know them. My wierdness is just a bit more apparent. I’ve had quite a few folks tell me I was cliche adhd and some tell me that I should investigate aspergers. I just mention this to try and qualify my interest in the topic as being a bit more than hypochondria or as an attempt to absolve myself of responsibility for my lack of success. I will most certainly admit that a “diagnosis” does provide a degree of euphoria and an inclination to stop blaming myself for my own screwups. That is a good thing and a bad thing. Many folks out there will resent the hell out of that. I might also if I were to see it in others and I DO seriously question the legitimacy of taking this track. I have been diagnosed with ADHD and Aspergers. I’ve been diagnosed as having bipolar disorder in the past. But I do have to say that just showing up at a psychs office and being willing to blame my problems on something else meant I was damn near guarunteed to be diagnosed with something. I have no clue how much study goes into seeking to understand the manipulations and motives of patients undergoing psychiatric care but I think that it would be a worthwhile and illuminating endeavor.

    Keep in mind, there are many times in my life when I thought I must be wearing a turd fedora, I have had so much difficulty in melding with the tribe in social and work situations. I was even the topic of 90% of the students in my academically talented (hi IQ (idiot quotient if you ask me)) English class when the assignment was to write about someone in class. The teacher removed the assignment from her curricula after that. I was trying to fly under the radar and hoped noone noticed me.

    My personal opinion is that Aspergers and ADHD are real conditions that should be addressed. My further opinion is that psychology should be altered. The act of one on one communication to understand practical life difficulties should be termed “counseling” and be considered an “art” and not a rational or objective discipline at all. I mean I do judge psychology to have more merit than astrology but barely. Researchers should realize, just as Dostoevsky illuminates in “Notes from Underground” that people do actually read their research and adjust their behaviour accordingly.

    The MOST important point of this post is also to say that the biggest problem with the memetic complex of Aspergers Syndrome is Tony Attwood and his book “The Complete Guide to Aspergers Syndrome”. I recently read this book at the behest of my psychologist and it is so vague as to be almost useless. The book could be titled “The Complete Guide to Pisces”. I mean according to the characteristics laid out in that book anyone could define themselves as an “Aspie” (this cute little term makes me want to vomit as does “neurotypical”). Incidentally, if you look around , Attwoods book is THE book cited all over the internet. Tony has stumbled on an age old formula for achieving Guru status. 1) Find the unhappy and downtrodden 2) tell them they are victims and persecuted and that it’s NOT THEIR FAULT! 3) Give them a sense of acceptance and identity 4) Sell them the solution in books and tapes and seminars.

    Incidentally, the psyche also recommended a Ken Wilbur book which I really liked because I got this perverse thrill at seeing this very bright individual take advantage of peoples tendency to foolishly give credibility to someone before it is earned. Wilbur baffles’em with bullshit and rakes in the bucks. Hmmm…makes me wonder if I should invest in some Wahl clippers and some gold wire rimmed glasses. Course as an “Aspie” a doubt I could disguise my utter contempt for everyone around me (including myself).

    I trully wish that everyone who believes “minds are like parachutes they only function when open” would test the concept at 10000 feet.

    “Minds are like toilets, leave em open and they will quickly fill with shit” -Xochi (Me. Aren’t I witty?)

  • Robharvey

    To clarify: In the modern “Western World”, so therefore in The West and other territories according the degree that “Westernism” has taken root, the word “exist” has come to mean matter, atoms and molecules, and biologic life that is comprised of atoms and molecules. It is questionable as to whether the word can be applied to energies, as they are never stable and always changing form. Using the word “exist” with precision, “aspergers syndrom” can’t be said to “exist”. Asperger’s syndrome is a value judgement that occurs only in the minds of humans (as far as we know) who assign all phenomenon percieved by the senses under one of the top level categories of “good”, “bad” and “doesn’t matter to me”.

    Even if a precise neuro-biological structure of Aspergers could be described and empirically demonstrated, the structure would still fall under one of the value-judgement categories. The social ineptitude exhibited by many who might be called Aspie iuts one reason why Aspergers is assigned a negative value judgement. But value judgements don’t “exist”, they are human-based judgements and thus in the realm of ideas, not physical entities.

    Some who might be considered “Aspie” prosper in life, while others do not. This difference likely depends on other factors, such as actual cognitive abilities and whether there is a market for those abilities or the products that such abilities can create. Other factors may nclude how the family handles the child, for instance, is he/she coddled or pushed to succeed, or supported in the pursuit of an interest that is marketable.

    One could have the traits that call for the negative value judgement Aspie, and lack much in the way of marketable skills/interests, resulting in a measured life of little note. One might want to be very sober on the matter, and not blame the condition as the only cause of a measured life that is judged by the rest of society as “less” or “bad”. It could be that even without the Aspie traits the individual would lead a measured life anyway.

    I think it wise and sober to resist the current trendiness to use Aspie as an excuse, or to give it a gilding. Aspies often show improvement with age, and that may not be due to a change in the underlying neuro and other bodily structures, but due to learning and adapting. As an excuse or gilding, there may be a tendency for the Aspie to be too “accepting” of him/herself, and thus not engage in self-improvement and aquistion of wealth.

    To consider further the social aspects of “Aspie”, it is illustrative to take a look at super chess champ Viswanathan Anand. Not only is he the world chess champ two years in a row, but holds many lesser titles in the world of chess. A read of his biography suggests he could have been called an Aspie child, however, such terminology and value judgement was generally not known in the Philipines and South India where he spent his childhood. He was over-interested in puzzles and chess, and lacked all interest in sports, including cricket. He was not socialy adept. He was a good student, but not straight A’s. His mother encouraged his interest in chess, while his father prodded him to pursue a degree in accountancy, likely recognizing his son’s poor social skills. By his own admission we know that he was completely inept with regards “relating” to the opposite sex. One thing led to another, and now he is rich and famous. He is in an arranged marriage, and his wife is quite lovely. He would have been in an arranged marriage anyway. In India, his condition as “Aspie” if it applies by Western standards, has less negative value judgement attached and little at all with regards dating and marriage, as most marriages in India are arranged to this day. In India, the most negative aspect of this condition is the lack of interest in cricket.

    It may seem as if I am contradicting myself by denying that Aspergers “exists” and then referring to it frequently as if it does. I want to emphasize that I am referring to the negative value judgement that attaches to the social condition. Outside the human mind that judges, Aspergers does not exist, unlike a rock that is thought to exist wither apprehended by a human mind or not.

    Something to consider: it is still common today, even in the West, for people to assume they have a soul, which is unconditioned and equal to all other souls. Western atheists generally still cling to this notion by asserting that the “person” is not their physical body or social condtions. This line of thinking leads to the use of Aspie as an excuse, deeming it to be a physical malady or “disorder” that overlays on the soul or”person”, and prevents satisfactory social interaction and pursuit of wealth. It seems to me that some are wanting to have it both ways, assuming a soul or “person”, and then citing a possible brain-miswiring as an excuse. If one is an atheist, such an excuse perspective seems a bit contradictory – you are what you are, thus there is no “person” who is simply covered up or obscured by the condition, rather, the particular brain wiring and physical manifestation of the individual homo sapiens is all that there is. Many who claim to be atheist also claim that those who deny that Aspergers exists may be afraid to think of the mind as just a brain and therefore both soulless and subject to malfuction. Such a crude materialist perspective leads oddly and humorously to a seemingly somewhat contradictory position in which atheist Aspies want to be more “normal”, which would mean more like the majority that still believe in gods.

    If one follows my proscriptive of using language precisely, and understanding that Aspie is a value judegement, soul vs soulless contradictions do not arise.

    • Stefan van Westing

      You seem to forget that idea’s are a chain of electronic signals traveling thought neuron connections in the brain.

      And electricity does in fact exist physically .. just like light exists physically, and even temperature exists physically (hot and cold is little more than a difference in wavelengths, the higher the frequency .. the hotter it will be)

      • Proud Non-Conformist

        Ideas themselves should not be thought of as being physical in nature simply because there happens to be a correlation between an active mind and an increase in electrical activity. Correlation does not equal causation, and the concept of the idea itself is not equivalent to, or synonymous with, electricity.

        Temperature is a measure of the contrast in molecular activity between two adjacent, comparable and related mediums, that allow for the conduction and transference of such activity. The very concept of ‘temperature’ requires the right context, it being recognised that the notion has no absolute value above and beyond the system within which it occurs. It has nothing to do with the ‘frequency’ of anything, unless you were thinking about the infrared and microwave bandwidth on the EM spectrum, which can and would be perceived as being ‘hot’ by anyone exposed to excessive amounts of either, due to such energies being harmful to organic matter.

        • Stefan van Westing

          “Correlation does not equal causation, and the concept of the idea itself is not equivalent to, or synonymous with, electricity.”

          Electricity is indeed not the cause of a thought but it is required to make a thought happen, in abstract ways thoughts are also physical.

          I was merely pointing out that things people think aren’t palpable are in fact palpable, like light electricity temperature etc.

          It seems you misunderstood me.

  • J D

    Sucks for Dr. Baughman that he used his real name as he happens to be wrong. Brain imaging studies have found Asperger’s Syndrome to be no less clinically expressive than other forms of autism and have found differences between the brains of those diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and control groups, as well as differences between those diagnosed with High Functioning Autism (which is similar to Asperger’s Syndrome), Asperger’s Syndrome, and control groups. You can verify this by doing a search on Google Scholar.

    • Jeffs ADD Mind

      That’s the problem with making definitive statements when you are in a field where there is always more research going on and always new discoveries being made. But I’m sure there were doctors who were convinced that leeches were the wave of the future. ;)

    • Stefan van Westing

      Sucks for you that you didn’t bother to study biology before making that statement as every single human being has differing neurological patterns.

      This manifests itself in different personality’s.

      You should go and learn something about the formation process of neurological connections in the brain of a child, both as a fetus, as well as during the child’s early years.

      And the statements you pointed out are directly taken from the new DMV-V

      and well should all know how faulty this “psychiatry bible” really is.

      So it’s not exactly a reliable source of information since it does not come from Biologists and Neuroscientists who are independent and non-afilliated with the psychiatric community.

      The DMV is rather biased wouldn’t you agree ?

      • vincent

        i’d love it if u would provide names, frederico. if u care so deeply that millions of children r being murdered by these drug cartels, offer up something we can use to put them away, okay joe mcarthy, u azzwipe?

        • Stefan van Westing

          I’m not saying anyone is being murdered by drug cartels idiot.

          Do you even know what any “cartel” really is ?

          If you want names go and google the authors and editors of the latest DSM issue, V is the edition that recently released.

          Documentary’s have been made about this phenomenon, psychiatrists tend to be over-enthusiastic in their work.

          So whom’s name do you expect me to phrase ?

          I’m pointing out a “phenomenon” not a evil person that can be named and thrown into jail.

          If you get any dumber you would be qualified as a mental retard by most psychiatrists.

  • jen

    I would like to point out that… How do I explain this?

    Okay, maybe quoting will help.

    “Apparently, if a subject does not enjoy making vacuous small talk about pop culture, has interests which differ from an (unspecified) approved list or shows in-depth interest in any topic, displays “excessive” knowledge while answering a question, is not overly concerned with what others think and is resistant to peer pressure, then the subject is considered to have a disability and in need of psychotropic drug therapy.”

    While it is true that these are symptoms of aspergers syndrome, this is not the syndrome itself. What aspergers ACTUALLY is is a syndrome which, when present, causes the “victim” to think in a different way. Often this results in poor hand-eye coordination, obsessing in one or more topics (often math, music, or something logical), and having literal thinking. Generally, these are only signs that the person has aspergers. Often the person differs from these signs very strongly. For example, someone with aspergers may dislike logical things. But generally, this is not the case.

    • Proud Non-Conformist

      So, according to you, if someone ‘thinks differently’ (a very vague statement, to say the least) they may have a syndrome that may require ‘treatment’. If they like maths and think logically, there is also a high probability there may be something wrong with them as well.

      Are you serious?

  • Stefan van Westing

    Good to finally hear about a professional who can recognize the trickery and scams of the psychiatric and pharmaceutical industry’s that have been under my skin for so long.

    You rarely ever hear anyone trying to raise awareness to an issue like this … a serious issue that is almost always overlooked, or rendered insignificant.

    + 100 for Baughman

    • vincent

      no names. no specifics. generalities indicting 2 industries w/o an iota of credible evidence. baby fred

      • Stefan van Westing

        The point is that dicks like you blindly believe that the world of psychiatry is wholly kosher.

        I don’t need to bring anything to the table since all i am saying is that there is a link between the diagnostic criteria and the admissions for that “illness”

        Are you seriously going to refute that notion ?

        Maybe you should look something up about the “autism epidemic” that struck the world conveniently right after the release of the DSM-IV

        Dickhead ….

        • Jeffs ADD Mind

          “Dickhead” must be a technical term that I’m unfamiliar with so I won’t address that directly, other than to ask that you refrain from such technical language.

          All of us have unquestioned blind beliefs, whether it is complete faith in psychiatry, the “invisible hand” of the free market, or of a different invisible entity that will provide eternal bliss for our ‘souls’ (yet another unquestioned blind belief). So I agree that creating diagnostic criteria would, logically, increase the likelihood of a particular diagnosis. However, it does not necessarily mean that there is now an “epidemic,” of diagnoses run amok. Might there be a number of false positives? Of course. But many more are being properly diagnosed in light of the criteria.

          • Stefan van Westing

            I do agree that many are indeed properly diagnosed in light of the criteria.

            It’s the criteria that are wrong.

            And excuse me for the language, i’ll watch it from now on ;)

  • ghostville

    I have an inquiry, I have been reading these comments and it seems to me that I need to make a statement as to why are we posting on a board for a disease/disorder that says that the disease/disorder DOES NOT EXIST, if it does not exist and that it is not there and is a LIE, so why are you takig drugs for something that is non-existant and that is says there is no cure for it? Fergedaboudit. It’s like chasing ghosts (but I saw an old lamp that was floating in midair once so something must have been holding on to it?). – Is it live or is it Memorex. It’s almost like believing in an invisable god? Where is he at because I don’t see him standing in front of me.

    • Jeffs ADD Mind

      Just to be clear…I am not the one claiming that Asperger’s does not exist. It is Dr. Baughman that is making that claim.

  • KieransMom

    My son is a bit odd … but aren’t most 11
    year-olds odd? He is exceptionally bright, but tests just below gifted. Too dumb for gifted, too smart for regular classes. He gets bored and runs his mouth. Anyhoo, two different schools have demanded that he be “evaluated”. He is home-schooled now, but it’s lonely being the only kid. I totally understand how hard it is to get rid of a baloney diagnosis, both from a person’s Medical Information Bureau File and from a person’s psyche. What say y’all???

    • Jeffs ADD Mind

      He was diagnosed as having Asperger’s?

      Team sports are, supposedly, the way to help socialize a home-schooled child. Perhaps Boy Scouts, or something like that, might also be an option.

      As for the baloney diagnosis, have you had another professional test your son?

      • KieransMom

        No, the diagnoses are all from teachers. I know. Teachers. We have considered having him diagnosed, but I used to work for an insurance company and I am well aware of the implications of a psychiatric diagnosis. In addition, I used to work for a child behavior diagnostician who advised me to NEVER have my son evaluated unless I paid for it out of pocket, thus keeping the info out of my son’s MIB file. I can’t afford the $1500 fee, so…

        In any case, I found a school today that would accept my son on a probationary basis to see how it goes. It is Christian oriented and the teachers all seem very competent. I am hoping that it goes well, it should for $700 a month!

        I found it interesting what you said about team sports and Boy Scouts. It is a matter of fact that my son does very well in His Boy Scout Troop. The class is small and he has a great leader.

        • Jeffs ADD Mind

          Let us know how things go with the school. I hope it works out well.

          The Boy Scout troop also overs a lot of variety. He’s not sitting at a desk all day.

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