Don’t Lick Your Balls & Other Important Advice

Committing Suicide? Be Sure To Only Use New Bullets

This appeared in Modern Mechanics Magazine, 1931. Image source:

Don’t Lick Your Balls

Licking your golf ball clean may be more than just an unappealing habit — it can lead to liver disease, an Irish expert warned Wednesday. One golfer who preferred using his tongue to a wet cloth developed hepatitis when he licked strong weedkillers off his ball, Dr. Connor Burke of James Connolly Memorial Hospital in Dublin reported. Burke described the case of a 65-year-old golf-ball-licking golfer who developed the liver disease even though he was a non-drinker and had no other risk factors for hepatitis.

Advice for the Space Cadet

“Never doze off without tying yourself down or you’ll crack your head on something. If you feel a sneeze coming, hang on to something or you’ll slam into the bulkhead. Don’t try to pour from a bottle and don’t smoke without turning up the air conditioner.” This advice may well be given to a space cadet in about 1980 by an experienced hand. All of it refers to the little tricks men will have to learn if they want to survive a trip through space and be reasonably comfortable while doing so.

Source: Life Aboard A Space Ship (Mechanix Illustrated: 1956)

Insulate Your Baby

This appeared in Modern Mechanics Magazine, 1933. Image Source:

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