DeLaVerita Reports: Jeff’s ADD Mind Twitter Ranking is 2,195,947 Out Of 7,278,519

H uffington Post’s (HP) crack news team has done it again, providing us with the most timely, up-to-date and important news. In their latest news scoop, HP provides a list of the most most followed Tweeters (Most Followed On Twitter: #140 Most POPULAR Tweeters). Not seeing Jeff’s ADD Mind ranked within that top 140 followed Tweeters, I decide to do some investigating and found that Jeff’s ADD Mind is, indeed, one of the top followed Tweeters, with a rank of 2,195,947 out of 7,278,519.

What is Twitter?

Definition 1: Twitter is a technology that allows people with empty and meaningless lives to be kept abreast of – to “follow” – the latest inane thought fragments of people whose lives are also empty and meaningless.

Definition 2: A technology that allows people to undermine their ability to follow complex logico-causal chains and, instead, reduce all thoughts to sentence fragments and incomplete thoughts. This fractionalization of the thought processes is believed to create social cohesiveness and a greater understanding of mankind.

What Is The Theory Behind Twitter?

Twitter is based on the theory that the ex nihilo principle (out of nothing, nothing is made) can be circumvented if there is a sufficient amount of nothinginess – in the form of 75 million Twitterers – and that, combined, such nothingness can reach critical mass and, thereby, create something.

What Is The History Behind Twitter?

Sources of Information

Twitter Grader
Twitter now has 75M users; most asleep at the mouse

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