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Do I Know You?

There are two photographs that sit on my desk. In one I am next to my wife who, at the [...]

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From The Archives: It’s All About Choices

To be human is to be confronted with choices. Each choice, like a fork in a path, takes us in [...]

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The Fear of Time Management

Several months ago I reached out to an ADHD coach to help me with a problem that has plagued me [...]

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Gardening, Time & Memory

When I started eating home-grown vegetables (I’ve been doing it for about five years) I learned that the local supermarket [...]

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The Metamorphosis

What happens to an ADHDer when he succeeds at overcoming some of the negative aspects of his “gift”?

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A Clock For Your Desktop

Tara McGillicuddy pointed out in a recent blog post that the most important time management tool for an is [...]

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From the Archives: The Can Not Understand Life Because The Can Not Understand Time

To make sense out of life, one must also be able to make sense of time, that is, understanding one [...]

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The Broken Escapement – An A.D.D. Metaphor

“Each swing of the pendulum releases the escapement, making it change from a “locked” state to a “drive” state for [...]

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Helping ADHD Children Master Time

“Children with attention deficit disorder often struggle to understand sequence, tell time, and prioritize — with their education paying the [...]

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A Job…With Benefits for an

A year and a half ago, when it was obvious that the economy was in a downward spiral, [note 1] I decided [...]

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The Older

A.D.D.ers spend years in a dream world. Spinning ever more elaborate fantasies (financial conquests, sexual conquests, social conquests) life seems [...]

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The Can Not Understand Life Because the Can Not Understand Time

To make sense out of life, one must also be able to make sense of time, that is, understanding one [...]

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Another Perspective on “The Tyranny of Now”

The Importance of “Now and Not Now” in ADHD Marriages Dr. Hallowell often states in his speeches that people with [...]

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Lost Time and “The Fog”

What has put me into the deepest of depressions is the realization of how much time has been lost. My [...]

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Time Horizons

It is a recent discovery (for me) that there will come a time that I will not be around and [...]

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ADHD: Awesome and Deadly

An email from an ADHDer. Subject: Open this email I have ADD and I want to share! Message: Hi Jeff, [...]

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A recent ADHD newsletter noted that The Brain — a mind mapping software — might be a useful tool for [...]

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Sixteen months ago I moved from the world of entrepreneurship — a portmanteau comprised of the French word entrepreneur, which [...]

E-Card Fun

Some more e-card humor: Expressing Your ADHD Self…Digitally A Few Laughs, Giggles & Groans

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I’ve started collecting screenshots of online advertising. I’m trying to understand the message. The ad below says that if I’m [...]

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ADHD Does Not Exist

I can’t tell what is more disturbing. A book titled “ADHD Does Not Exist: The Truth About Attention Deficit and [...]