Can’t Find That File? Get Copernic Desktop Search for Your PC

If there is such a thing as ADHD-friendly software, this is it. You may misplace your keys, your wallet and your personal checkbook but with Copernic Desktop Search you will ALWAYS be able to find that file that’s buried…somewhere…on your computer. This software has helped me locate documents, digital images and emails with lightning speed.

What Does This Software Do?

It indexes your emails, files (Word Documents; text files, etc.), music files, digital images, videos, contacts and even the history in your browser. It then allows you to quickly locate those files.

Why Do I Need This Software? Windows Already Indexes Everything.

It’s true that Windows indexes everything. However, indexing is one thing, locating a file quickly is something else and that’s where Copernic shines. The amount of time it takes to find something using Copernic is negligible. Put in a search term, press the enter key and there are the results. Compare this to the Find function in Windows. First tell it the file type. Then tell it if you want Windows to search your entire drive or only selected drives/directories. Then put in the search term. Then go to the bathroom, get a cup of coffee, check the morning mail and, hopefully, by the time you are done with your other chores, maybe…just maybe…it has found your file. With Copernic, you put in the search term and get the results immediately. I’ve found the software to be so fast, reliable and easy to use that I’ve turned off the Indexing function in Windows and I no longer use the Search functionality in Microsoft’s Mail program.

How Much Does It Cost?

The personal version of Copernic Desktop Search is free. The professional version, which will index your networked drives in addition to your local drive, is $34.95.

Copernic Desktop Search In Action

The screen shot below shows a typical search using Copernic Desktop. I put in the search term Zoë Kessler. Along the top of the Copernic toolbar I see how many items it found: 461 emails; 25 files; 88 entries in my browser history. I can click on an icon, say, emails, and sift through the results.

Results of using the search term "Zoe" (Click on image to enlarge)

Filtering By Date

In the screen shot below, I searched for “adrian miller” (a business colleague) and then filtered by date. I wanted to see only the emails that were sent yesterday.

Filter search results by date (Click on image to enlarge)

Replying To An Email

Once I have found the email I am looking for, I can click on Reply within Copernic (see the red circled area) and it will open up a “Reply” message in my email program.

When you find your email you can click "Reply" from within Copernic. (Click on image to enlarge)

Where’s George?

I knew I had some pictures of George, our quaker parrot, but I wasn’t sure which directory they were in. I used Copernic to locate the images. It showed me thumbnail images, the directory the images were located in and, if I wanted to, I could open the folder where the images reside.

Results of a search for a particular digital image (Click on image to enlarge)

The Bottom line?

The basic software is free and if you don’t like it after a few weeks, just uninstall it. But I’m pretty sure that once you see how quickly you can locate a file on your computer, you are not going to uninstall this software.

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