Canine Diabetes


One of our pugs (I have two of them) has been diagnosed with canine diabetes. Surprisingly we didn’t pick up on all of the warning signs. He was drinking an enormous amount of water; he was becoming lethargic; he was losing weight. Last week I decided it was time to take him to the vet and thank fully we did. We caught it just in time. After three days of insulin injections (he now gets injections twice a day) he’s back to his old self.

For more information on canine diabetes see:

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  • Gina Pera

    Well, he certainly doesn’t look happy about it.

    Do pugs ever look happy?

    I’m wondering if dogs get diabetes from eating grain-based dogfood? People do. Why not dogs?

  • Jeff

    From what I’ve read, it just seems to be hereditary and some breeds are more prone to it than others.

  • mark

    I’m glad you caught it. Give your pug my regards, from one diabetic to another.

    Do you have to test blood sugar? Giving the shot probably isn’t too bad, but testing for blood sugar must be tricky and a little painful.

  • Jeff

    We test the blood sugar using glucose strips, essentially just wet the strips with fresh urine and then see what color it turns to.

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