Camp Runamuck: A Summer Camp for ADHDers

Welcome to Camp Runamuck!

Camp Runamuck, established in 1994, is located in Chester County Pennsylvania, 2 hours northwest of New York City. The Camp is set on a 100 acre campus with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, hockey rinks and gymnasiums. Camp Runamuck also has a large lake, an in-house ice cream parlor and a drug-dispensing vending machine (sponsored by Big Pharma).

Camp Runamuck


personalized therapy sessions!!

YOU choose the type of therapy that’s best for your child!




Enroll Now


We Will Provide Your Child With

YOUR CHOICE of Comorbid Condition!

That’s RIGHT!!

YOU get to choose the comorbid condition. Now your child can experience ADHD at its finest!!

ONLY Camp Runamuck offers the following comorbid conditions:

Anxiety disorder
Mild Tourette’s
Aixelsyd (Dyslexia)
Uncontrollable anger
Obsessive-compulsive disorder Obsessive-compulsive disorder Obsessive-compulsive disorder Obsessive-compulsive disorder Obsessive-compulsive disorder Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Camp Runamuck prides itself on being a non-denominational ADHD camp. That means no matter what your view of ADHD — it is a gift; it is a curse; it doesn’t exist; it is a conspiracy created by the Psychiatry/Big Pharma cartel — we welcome you to our camp. [note 1]

Here’s the kind of FUN MORNING YOUR CHILD WILL HAVE at Camp Runamuck!!

  • 7:30 Rise and Shine
  • 7:33 Get Dressed
  • 7:37 Brush Teeth
  • 7:39 Feet are cold. Forgot to put on socks. Back to bunk. Get socks
  • 7:45 Breakfast Time
  • 7:48 Look under table. Ooooh…look at the ants on the floor! Get back up and bang head on table
  • 8:01 Walk to garbage pail to throw out uneaten food. Get splinter in foot. Look down. Ooops. No shoes. Head back to cabin
  • 8:04 Back at cabin. Put on shoes
  • 8:06 Get distracted. Forget to tie shoelaces. Trip and fall down stairs
  • 8:09 Head to nurse’s office for scraped knee
  • 8:11 Talk to pretty girl that you think likes you
  • 8:28 Walk into nurse’s office
  • 8:45 Count the ceiling tiles (for the third time) in the nurse’s office. Miss out on art & crafts activity
  • 9:03 Catch up with other campers at swimming pool
  • 9:05 No swimming trunks. Back to cabin
  • 9:08 Lay on your bed reading book your Mom sent you
  • 9:38 Counselor walks into cabin. Wonders where you have been all morning. Sends you to next activity
  • 9:40 Enjoying hyperfocus class
  • 9:41 Go to next activity – gymnasium

Meet some of our happy campers!!

Cindy Sheehan learning how to control her hyperfocus!

Melissa and Ann Coulter practice their interpersonal skills
Please complete the enrollment form below and mail to:
Camp Runamuck, 123 Nihilo Lane, Lake Como, Pennsylvania 18437
Your Child’s Name: _________________________________________
Religious Belief (check one): __ Handelmanian (ADHD is a gift)
__ Barkleyian (ADHD is a curse) __ Scientological (ADHD doesn’t exist)
__ Baughmanian (ADHD is a conspiracy)
Please select one comorbid condition for your child: __ Anxiety disorder __ Mild Tourette’s
__ Dyslexia (aixelsyD) __ Depression __ Uncontrollable anger
__ Obsessive-compulsive disorder Obsessive-compulsive disorder Obsessive-compulsive disorder Obsessive-compulsive disorder


  1. These different views are known as Handelmanian (ADHD is a gift); Barkleyian (ADHD is a curse); Scientological (ADHD doesn’t exist); Baughmanian (ADHD is a conspiracy).
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  • Jay


    Let it out, Jeff. Let it all out. :)

  • Scott Hutson

    The most important thing> Whats for breakfast?

    • Jeff

      Doesn't matter because…who has the patience to sit and eat? ;)

  • Betsy

    Is that place only for kids, or can adults go to Camp Runamuck, too? I went to camp once, at age 10, and was responsible for the breaking of another girl's arm, among other things.

    About denominations – what if a kid comes from a mixed family? If the dad is a Barkleyian and mom is a Handelmanian? Just wondering.

    And those comorbids – can my kid have two? Would I need to pay extra for that?

    Thank you.

    • Jeff

      There's always room for adults and there's no problem with mixed ADHD marriages. Yes, there is an additional charge for each additional comorbid condition.

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  • Rinarosebud

    were is this camp how much is it and is it and over night camp

    • Jeffs ADD Mind

      Now who is pulling whose leg? Camp Runamuck is a pigment of my imagination. ;)

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