Buy A Dictionary. It’s the Healthy Choice.

B uy a dictionary.


Really, I mean it.

If you use words to communicate (as opposed to pointing and grunting) then you should buy yourself a big, bulky, paper-based dictionary like the new American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition.

Get real. I can Google a definition faster than I can look it up in a paper-based dictionary.

That’s quite true. But I’m telling you to buy and use a paper-based dictionary, not for the sake of productivity, but for your health.

Now please stop laughing.

Let me explain.

My dictionary is on the right-side return of my desk. To use the dictionary I have to turn my body, flip through the pages, refocus my eyes, find the definition I need, memorize it, then turn back to the computer to make sure I’ve used the word correctly. Within the span of two minutes I have exercised my torso, given my fingers a needed rest (and provided an alternate exercise), flexed my eye muscles and engaged my memory cells. All this exercise costs less than $60.00 dollars. That’s a one-time payment. Not monthly, like your gym membership or your internet access. Just one simple, affordable payment for a lifetime of health.

So make the right choice.

Make the healthy choice.

Buy a dictionary.

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  • Majestic Madrid

    Hi, greetings from Spain. First time commenting, following you since 2009 (AFAIR).

    I would complete the advice with: boost your productivity and diminish your frustration by implementing a sinonym-antonym dictionary on your mobile/tablet. For all those times when that tword is almost in your mouth, and you can say 10 similar words/expressions but not the one you precisely want.

    Bonus: it is probable that you will make the same search after one month because you forgot it, or because there are a bunch of words that, strangely, escape from your easy-to-access-memory and sunk towards your deep data base / untidy mind. So first, try to memorize those exact words with tricks (various in one sentence for instance). Then, try to remember them next time you need them. And anyway, save the searches you have made in your device in some kind of “semantic” order, not abcd.. order, or time order.

    Extra bonus: I am looking for a good speech recognition software for those moments in wich I have to write a lot of things, not difficult stuff -so I dont need to stop and think about what I want to express-, because it often happens that in the 20 seconds I need to write 2 sentences/ideas/concepts, I forget another one or two…

    Great blog this one, thanks for your time.

    • Jeffs ADD Mind

      Welcome, long time (and long distance!) reader!

      The American Heritage dictionary comes with a license for a smartphone app which makes it easy to do fast look ups. I’m not sure if that app is licensed for use outside the United States.

      For speech recognition, check out Dragon Naturally. See They have versions for Spanish and other languages. I use it with a digital voice recorder. The software does a pretty good job of transcribing the recording into text.

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