Book Review: The Gift of ADHD Activity Book

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To keep your gift in tip top shape, you need to exercise it regularly. This book will help you to do that. It is chock full of activities that assure that you get the most out of your special gift. Here’s a sampling of some of the great activities you’ll find in this book.

  1. Daily-Shout-Out — “GO F**K YOURSELF”: Tell everyone what you think they should do with their lives.
    Purpose of the Activity
    : Boost your self-esteem by offering important advice to others.
    Recommended Frequency of Activity: 2 times per day.
  2. Smack-A-Buddy: Like Whack-A-Mole except you do this with your friends…on the back of their heads.
    Purpose of the Activity: Provide an outlet for your hyperactivity.
    Recommended Frequency of Activity: Once per week.
  3. Skip-A-Bill: The f**king phone company sends a bill every f**king month. Give yourself a break and skip paying the bill. Don’t worry. They’ll send another bill next month.
    Purpose of the Activity: Momentary relief from the ongoing pressures of life.
    Recommended Frequency of Activity: Whenever you feel like it.
  4. Zone-Out-and-Yell-At-Someone: Sit at your computer and ignore the entire world. Periodically stand up, walk away from the computer and yell at the first person you see.
    Purpose of the Activity: Release inner demons so that your creativity can flow.
    Recommended Frequency of Activity: 3 times per day.
  5. Create-Bullsh*t-Lateness-Excuses: Show up late for your dentist appointment or complete your project one week late. Then come up with a creative excuse for your lateness.
    Purpose of the Activity: Develop your personal work style.
    Recommended Frequency of Activity: 2 times per month.
  6. Pick-A-Vice: Select a vice(s) – smoking; drinking; drugs – that you think will suit your personal style and make it an integral part of your personality.
    Purpose of the Activity: Enhance your self-image.
    Recommended Frequency of Activity: Minimum of 10 times per day.

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  • Tara McGillicuddy

    Come on I have ADD! Your post makes me want buy the book out of curiousity. Thank you for not feeding to into my impulsivity by having a link to purchase the book.

    • Jeff

      Um…er…if you click on the book cover image…it has an Amazon link. And I haven’t read the book…I saw the title and just took at guess as to what must be inside. If you do buy the book…please let me know if I guessed correctly or not.

      • Denim

        Jeff, thank you for the out loud laughter. You post so much sarcasm on this blog that I figured they were fake and did not even try to see if there was a link. After reading Tara’s comment I did click on them and they are real (at least where I live). Once again your sarcasm has come back to bite you. I practice sarcasm and live in a world full of sarcasm, so you got me just like you got Tara, except the opposite way. Not sorry for you and I am unashamedly still laughing!!!

        • Jeff

          Both of today’s posts (the other post is ) have “real” links because…heck…they’re based on reality….that’s what makes it even funnier.

          • Denim

            But Jeff, on the other post the links are in a pretty shade of computer screen red. On this page you actually have to move the cursor over the book and click, then it takes you to the linked page. What with all the other pseudo book and magazine covers you have put up, I just glanced at the bright colors on cover and read the title. Remember the mock up tabloid I found here that almost took me out of your blog readers group and sent me on a virtual run to Zoe?!? Still laughing.

        • Scott Hutson

          Sarcasm @ Jeff’s blog? I thought that was not allowed here! Good Grief, if I had known it was allowed, I would have been able to show off my “gift of sarcasm”!….Some of the “Great Activities” you listed Jeff, I have practiced for years, which resulted in trips to the dentists’ office. ;)

          • Jeff

            My favs are “Pick-A-Vice” and the “Daily-Shout-Out.”

  • Katy Rollins


    Okay, well I LOVE Daily Shout Out and really, Facebook has done me the favor of making this an easy way to lecture all 388 friends at once.

    I really want to love Pick A Vice but my ADHD won’t let me…I’m too indecisive/kind of just want to try all of them but by the time I decide on one to start with I’m too exhausted.

    Skip A Bill: that’s not fun. But your outlook is refreshing.

    • Jeff

      Skip-A-Bill may not be fun…but that doesn’t mean ADHDers don’t do it…sometimes.

      And, like you, the Daily-Shout-Out is a favorite activity.

      -sent via crackberry

  • scrubbybubbles


    I resemble that Post WAY TOO MUCH!

    thanks for the Laugh!

    • Jeff

      Glad ya liked it! And welcome to the blog! Feel free to look around and leave comments.

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