Barbecue’n on the Internet

grilled_steaksHere’s a great website for recipes and information on barbecuing,  grilling, smoking and lots more. See:

And be sure to check out this one too: Amazing Ribs: the Zen of Barbecue, Grilling, and Outdoor Cooking

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  • Katy B.

    Check you out grill king. Sonny Rollins is mostly vegetarian, but he makes me yummy things on the grill all the time. Grilled veggies, grilled chicken dogs, grilled turkey burgers…but your post makes me dream of RIBS or something similarly gross and meaty with lots of SAUCE. I’ll have to see how far I can push his envelope :) Happy grilling!

    • Jeff

      I was quite the vegetarian myself many years ago but now I am a lacto-ovo-chickeno-porko-seafoodo-ribeye-arian.

      I’ve been doing baby back ribs the last few weeks…which is a welcome break from my two month obsession with home-made pizza (I purchased a baking stone about one month ago and, of course, I had to make sure it works and now my waistline is showing how good the pizza was!).

      Maybe Sonny can do something with chicken or turkey and some great sauces that are available. Push him to think out of the box a bit. After all, he’s got “the gift” too…right? ;)

      Best to you and Sonny! Happy 4th!


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