Answers To Your Questions, Part 87

Veritas vos liberabit

Search terms are really questions in disguise. The items in bold are the search terms that I found in this website’s statistics. I’ve provided the answers that, I assume, those people were looking for.

  • I Have ADHD And Think I’m A Genius – You are in good company. All ADHDers think they are geniuses.
    However, it is very easy to confuse “genius” and “ADHD.” See: Giftedness Looks Similar to ADHD.
  • Julie Bowen Boob Job, Beautiful Breasts, Julie Bowen Boobs, Her Beautiful Breasts – Agreed. They ARE beautiful…and the post you want is here.
  • Mild ADHD Summer Camp – Sorry…Camp Runamuck is only for the severely ADHD.
  • Bryan Hutchinson Is Gay With ADHD – I don’t think that Bryan gives off a “gay” vibe but perhaps he needs to address this on his blog.
  • Jeef Sex – Yes…Jeef is interested in sex.
  • Asperger That Does Not TalkQuiet Asperger’s…the silent killer.
  • Dyslexia, OCD, Marriage – I assume you meant to Google “Egairram, DCO, Aixelsyd”
  • Is Sex Drive In The Mind – No. It’s between your legs.
  • Does A “Jeffrey” Really Exist – I think therefore I am… least…that’s what I used to think.
  • Humorous Pictures Oil Spill Sex – You meant baby oil, correct? And why would the pictures be humorous? Wait a minute…you’ve been speaking to my wife…am I correct?
  • ADD Documentary ADHD – You are looking for this. For some reason, it didn’t win an award at the Sundance Festival. Go figure.
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