Answers To Your Questions, Part 73

People have come to this site looking for answers. they are!
Veritas vos liberabit

Search terms are really questions in disguise. The items in bold are the search terms that I found in this website’s statistics. I’ve provided the answers that, I assume, those people were looking for.

  • is adhd a gift – Yes it is! And if you like that gift, can I interest you in the gift of anorexia? It will go a long way to help you control that weight problem of yours.
  • adhd and sexuality – Sorry…you’re at the wrong website. You want to see his website.
  • add does not exist – That’s correct. It does not exist. In fact, the whole thing is a conspiracy concocted by the pharmaceutical industry who had a drug and invented a disease that it could cure. If you believe that poppycock, then you’ll want to visit this website.
  • add|adhd|hyperactivity sex|pornography|sexual – That about sums it up. Now please excuse me while I go back to reviewing my private collection of pictures.
  • $20 manure gift – I hope that’s not one of my relatives trying to figure out what to get me for Christmas.
  • multi-tasking deficiency disorder – I believe that will be in DSM VII.

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  • Scott Hutson

    Love that pic….. We will be searching for the “Arc of the Google” someday!. That’s my “Prophecy Gift of A.D.H.D.” …(so many gifts to choose from, so I invented a new one to make A.D.H.D. even better than before)

    • Jeff

      I have a post for next month that talks about another “gift” you may want.

  • Gina Pera

    ACK!!!!! HILARIOUS! And yet, so entirely appropriate. It just …, ya know?

    Wish I’d had ya’;ll with me at the farmer’s market this morning, Jeff and Scott. Some meditation guru saw my ADHD Aware t-shirt and really laid into me with the meditation-is-the-answer and medication-is-evil stuff. You two could have provided backup and, moreover, seen me in action. I’ve gotten quite expert at dealing with these lulus.

    My husband says I need to write a blog post on it, so I guess I will.

    All I wanted, though, was strawberries and watermelon radishes. Sheesh.

    • Scott Hutson

      Gina, that would have been fun! I’m getting a picture in my head of Jeff talking in an exaggerated NY accent, and me doing the same, but in a exaggerated Okie accent and You could interpret Then we all could “Chant” together….”LuuuuuuLuuuuuu,LuuuuuuuLuuuuu,LuuuuuL……..”

      • Jeff

        Wadda ya mean, New Yawk accent?

        • Scott Hutson

          Don’t get all bowed up thar Hoss, aint nuthin but a thang I reckon. …Bodda Bing Bodda Boom…gotcha. ;)

      • Gina Pera

        lolol!!! Our accents — New York, Okie, Mississippi Delta — would be our super powers! We’d have had his head spinning in uber-yogi fashion!

        The guy was really creepy. Tall and good-looking, nice hair — rather distinguished in appearance. And a very cool, detached customer. Someone who could really be a powerful emotional/psychological bully, IMHO.

        • Jeff

          Nice hair? I hate that!! ;)

          • Gina Pera

            lol! Yeah, I know. But REALLY nice hair….thick, wavy, salt and pepper. Still a jerk, though!

        • Scott Hutson

          Emotional/Psychological Bully! Gina, I like that way of describing! That could be used to describe many ppl and subjects…..Political,religion,media,etc……You hit a Grand Slam with that one!

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