Answers To Your Questions, Part 26

Veritas vos liberabit

Search terms are really questions in disguise. The items in bold are the search terms that I found in this website’s statistics. I’ve provided the answers that, I assume, those people were looking for.

  • do adults with adhd swear more – F*ck no.
  • child at camp mom misses poem – You’ll be interested in Alan Sherman‘s letter. See this video.
  • do people who have adhd have trouble not have control of what they say – F*ck no.
  • what damage can add/adhd have on your life – It can simply ruin your life. Other than that, ADHD is a gift.
  • what is the normal onset of adult add? – The onset of Adult ADHD coincides with the time when ADHDers reach adulthood.
  • what is a visual message? – Something you can touch.
  • what goes on in the mind of an adult with add? – Read this blog from the first post to the present. Then read the four thousand other ADHD-related blogs. That should give you a pretty good idea as to what goes on in the adult ADHD mind.
  • I think my ADD is a gift – You are correct. It *is* a gift. It also comes with a set of accessories: depression; financial difficulties; etc.
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  • In Hoc Signo Vinces

    Yes, ADD is a Gift Item with extra nuts and screws loose sometimes. Remember assembly instructions are printed on BOTH sides of the page….We don’t Swear, We EMOTE! Dammit!

    • Jeff

      There’s a problem with the assembly instructions. Each side of the page says, “Please turn over for instructions.”

      • In Hoc Signo Vinces

        Yes, and you need metric wrenches and nutdrivers. The ADD has those but gets upset as he thinks he does not have metric screwdrivers.

  • walkingBy

    I suspect that Ikea store is owned by ADDers – their assembly instructions f.XXXuped , remind me Jef’s paying bills schema .

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