An Interesting Metaphor To Describe the Life of the

“Every once in a while in life you are struck with a moment of clarity. A pulsating second where everything makes sense. A tiny fragment that swells from the lucidity it brings. In an instant your life has meaning. It’s like all those thoughts that never quite made sense snap into place. As if every thought you ever had were a Tetris piece. The ones that don’t click, add up and create a jumbled mess that you can’t fit together. And in an instant one thought falls into place and creates a cascade that clears up that jumbled mess of wrong moves.  Your head is clear, you see everything for what it is, you move on to the next level.”

This is an excerpt from “My Life Is Jazz.” I highly recommend reading the entire post.

On January 24, 2013 I had to remove the link to “My Life Is Jazz.” The website/post no longer exists. :(
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  • Michele N

    Such a shame it no longer exists.

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