“Air America” Is Going Off The Air

air-america-logoAir America has announced that it has declared bankruptcy and will be shutting down its operations. At a time when the Supreme Court has declared that corporations are allowed to spend as much money as they want to help elect a politician, when over 70% of the U.S. population wanted major reform to our health care delivery system (the most EXPENSIVE in the world! See: The Cost of Care) and STILL a health bill has not been passed, at a time when the banking and financial system treats America (and the American taxpayer) as if it were a banana republic, this is not a good time to be losing a voice of opposition. Whether you agreed or disagreed with the opinions on Air America, nonetheless they offered a different perspective on social and political events. With the loss of this voice, we are reduced to and dependent on the incendiary nonsense that parades itself as “fair and balanced” news.

[Paragraph below added on Jan 23]

Is the death of Air America really a result of demographics? One theory is that because the talk radio audience is dominated by an older demographic (mean age for listeners of conservative talk radio is 67) whereas those who are liberal tend to be younger (though in this context, younger is more like 50 years old), you simply have a case where those who are interested in liberal ideas don’t get their information from radio.

See: The Death of Air America: Why Liberals Fail at Talk Radio

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