Advice for the Adult ADHD Newbie

So you just found out you have ADHD. Now what? Here's some advice for the ADHD newbie.

The Almighty — Through Just The Touch Of His Finger — Gives Advice To An Adult ADHDer

So you’ve just discovered that you have this wonderful “gift” called Adult ADHD. Now what? The “science” of ADHD does not paint a rosy picture even if it is caught at an early age. Sure, life can be a lot better but…you aren’t going to be able to get rid of all of its effects. So, is the future all doom and gloom? Is there ANY light at the end of the tunnel? Well…yes there is…but…read on.

  1. Be realistic. Do not expect change overnight…it is slow and gradual….but it can be done.
  2. Realize that, at times, you will still stumble. That’s ok. The question is, not how many times did you fall but how many times did you stand up?
  3. Get on medication. It takes some time to figure out what medication is right for you but, once you do, it works wonders.
  4. Keep a diary. Jot down thoughts, feelings, events, triumphs and failures. Review it periodically to see where you may have made improvements and where you still need improvement.
  5. ADHD is a moving target. You can, and will, get closer and closer to “controlling” it but, it’s a sly son-of-a-gun and will always outwit you. This is the nature of the beast.
  6. Work with a therapist who understand the challenges of ADHD. Your therapy sessions will be much more productive if the therapist understands the underlying forces that are causing your problems.
  7. Learn to laugh about it and at it. When you walk from your kitchen to your bedroom and forget why you even went to your bedroom — because something on the television caught your eye and your attention shifted — learn to just laugh it off.
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  • Scott Hutson

    Good advise Jeff! …#1 through #7….#7 Caught my ummm..what's that word? Oh yeah, "Attention"! The words, "walk from your kitchen to your bedroom and forget why you even went to your bedroom" are very close to the words written by my Dr. on my medical records, stating what my wife said to my Dr.. That's why he (my Dr.) scheduled an appt. for a NeuroPsychological test (all day thing) that confirmed my A.D.D. diagnoses.

    Now I'm working on #1 through #6. There it is again> Me going "In through the back door". Great Post Jeff!

    • Scott Hutson

      And BTW…#6 is what I just did by reading your post(s) and links… and commenting. :)

    • Jeff

      Thanks! Believe it or not…that post came out of an email I sent to someone. Someone who was recently diagnosed with ADHD sent me an email asking for advice. The contents of that email became the post. When I was cleaning out emails I came across it and realized that it was worth saving and sharing. The sad part, for us, is that we probably need to read and reread and reread that post again and again. It may sink into our thick skulls for a day…a few days…maybe a few weeks…but eventually…it starts to fade. Oh well…that’s what it’s like to have “a gift.”

      • Scott Hutson

        Yep. I just did a periodical revue of my "gift". I stood up and laughed at "it". The sly beast laying under "it" was laughing also…not at "it"…at me. She was having fun and looking foreward to watching me stumble again….and again. Yep. #3 starts to fade about this time of night ;)

  • gina pera

    Jeff — when I was a new staff writer at a magazine I had so much trouble writing! (I really have always been a better editor than writer.) What got me over the hump was the advice to pretend I was writing a letter explaining the information to my not-so-bright brother-in-law.

    Now, my BILs are very bright. But it was the idea of putting a face on the information you’re trying to communicate and breaking it down in understandable layperson’s terms.

    Looks like that’s what worked for you, too! Not that you ever have trouble writing, and I don’t even know why I’m yammering on about this. Our adult ADHD meeting went late last night, and I’m still a little bleary-eyed, but oh,, what a great meeting.

    Thanks for being here yo these long years. You are a true pioneer, Chef Jeff, and I know you’ve helped so many people come out of the fog, with important insights and, most of all, HUMOR.


    • Jeff

      Gina, I usually start with a little speech in my head, get it into a draft post and then edit, edit, edit. Once in a blue moon I polish off a new post the same day I write it but, in the majority of cases, I read it and re-read it and edit and re-edit. In the Sex & Fantasy post ( I edited the fantasy section several times but the ending I re-edited so many times and, even now, while I’m kind of happy with it…there are at least four more ideas that I would have liked to have packed into there but just could not do it without doubling the size of the post.

      “You are a true pioneer” – Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

  • Gina Pera


    Now, can you do something with my HAIR?


  • Judy

    They have Chicken Soup books for teens, for new moms, for left handed smoke sifters — I think you should propose one for ADD and ADHDers!

  • moonunit

    what the fuck is there to laugh about?

    • Jeffs ADD Mind

      Sometimes you have to mentally step back, look objectively at the some of the things you do…and just laugh. That doesn’t mean dismiss it as unimportant. For example, let’s say you were involved in an important home repair project. You walk into your garage for another tool, get a little annoyed by the mess, start cleaning the garage and end up not finishing the repair project until the following day, well, if you were watching that on television…you’d probably find it a bit humorous.

    • Augie Weiss

      I say better to laugh than cry.  How did you get that name (is your last name Zappa?) I’m sure there is a funny story associated with it. I guess it’s all a question of perspective.

      Check out these laughs:

  • magipamies

    Thanks for your blog!

    • Jeffs ADD Mind

      You’re quite welcome!

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