Adult A.D.D. & Sex – Revisited

ADD and sex: It’s a topic almost no one writes about, even though almost every adult with ADD I’ve treated has had an ADD-related sexual problem. One of the most common complaints is a lack of sexual intimacy. By this, I don’t mean no sex, but sex that doesn’t foster genuine emotional intimacy. Boredom with sex is one reason for the high rate of divorce among ADD couples.

Source: Rediscovering Romance With Your Partner

Spontaneity, outside-the-box creativity, and heightened energy can add pizzazz to romantic interludes. But these familiar ADD traits, if not properly managed, will sorely test even the strongest relationship.

Source: Let Romance Bloom In Your ADD Marriage

Heightened sensitivities [of the] may apply to all senses, and this heightened awareness makes people with ADHD very sensual people. But sensuality works both ways. ADHD people tend to be extra sensitive to tastes, smells and sound, all of which may come into play during sex.

Source: How To Make Love to An ADDer

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