ADHD-Related Magazines

What if some magazines were specifically made for an audience of ADHDers? Well…they may look like the magazines below. – Jeff

Jeff's ADHD Magazine Rack

The one below is not ADHD-related but…what the heck.

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  • Scott Hutson

    What if….I can’t stop laughing? I’ll try looking at the green water in my loop gnimmiws. :)

    • Jeff

      Can’t stop laughing? Then I accomplished my goal. :D

      • Scott Hutson

        I think you had no doubt you would get a laugh from me. It’s ironic that I find so much comfort in irony. Maybe it’s satire I enjoy. One of my favorite things to do when I was a young boy, was reading the satirical articles/stories in “Mad Magazine”. I eventually progressed to “National Lampoon”. Maybe that’s what’s wrong with me..HaHa. ;)

        • Jeff

          I knew the “regulars” (and you are one of them) would get a laugh. And I read Mad Magazine and National Lampoon too.

  • gina pera

    I laugh every time I look at these!

    I just shared the lot of them with the online group. They ALWAYS need a laugh. lol!

  • gina pera

    In the bad old days, my husband always bad-mouthed DaVinci because he “never finished anything!” (Gotta love that all-nothing thinking, right?)

    So, I’m not sure that bodes well for DaVinci’s boudoir skills.

  • Yvonne

    These are the funniest! I’m in Gina’s online group, and we appreciate your magazines. I am showing all of them to my ADD boyfriend. Oh, heck, I’m sharing this with all of my friends! Thanks Jeff!

  • gina pera

    I just love “Why she hates Virgin number 43.,” lolol!

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