I can’t tell what is more disturbing. A book titled “ADHD Does Not Exist: The Truth About Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder,” or the comments left by readers. While one can ignore the lunacy of one person, namely, the book’s author, how can we ignore the lunacy of the commenters?

One commenter, who looks like a cat but reminds me of a pizza topping, dismissed the whole thing about ADHD as ‘Kids need to play more.’

A guy from Atlanta pointed out that what we need is more of that old time religion, with some good spanking, and respect for the father.

However, Annabelle, who loved God, loved her father, and got a good walloping every now and then, still ‘contracted’ ADHD. Perhaps father needed to spank her while she was praying to god.

Gina pointed out that religion will not successfully treat ADHD. Agreed. And it fails at ‘treating’ many other things, like homosexuality, teen pregnancy, etc. Despite these failures, religion is quite good at making people feel bad about themselves, their bodies, their minds, their sexuality, and so forth. Maybe religion is the real problem.

Mr. Zoo explained to Mr. Huzzar that ADHD was caused by the American Federation of Teachers.

Of course, if unions are the cause of our problems, then it must also be the fault of the Democrats.

A fictional character from NCIS – Leroy Jethro Gibbs – pointed out that ADHD is a function of bad parenting.

A blue-eyed woman told Jethro that today’s parents are a product of yesterday’s parents. Not so, according to Hamlet. In a recent soliloquy he said that the government created the bad parents of today.

Timothy pointed out that Riralian may be the cause of ADHD. Riralian is an obvious typographical error. More likely he meant to type “Raelians.” For those not well-versed in modern religion, Raelianism is a UFO-based religion. In the Gospel According to Raël, life on earth was created by extraterrestials, a.k.a., the Elohim. Perhaps Tim is postulating the theory that the Elohim may have ‘messed with our heads,’ so to speak. When they created us, they threw a little ADHD in the mix.

Fat Freddy’s sly cat noted that the feminization of society and those darned, guvmint schools, are the likely cause of many ADHD diagnoses. Guvmint schools, by the way, are used by Jews to manipulate society. See the section on Education in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

A variant of the feminization theory is that put forth by Mr. Dog. His ‘wussification’ theory states that there are many weak people in society who need medication. Miraculously, these same people are able to successfully fornicate. He recommends that they stop fornicating.

Mr. Shoe offers a Timothy Leary-inspired solution. To learn more about yourself, drop a tab of acid.

I could go on poking fun at the comments but many of them already illustrate what is wrong with this ‘discussion.’ The majority of commenters never allow ignorance to interfere with their right to offer ‘informed’ opinions. Further, a number of them show clear signs of C.I.T.P. (Cranium In The Posterior). This condition makes it impossible for them to realize that, in the same way that people vary in height and weight, they also vary in the way their brains are ‘wired up.’ Finally, a few commenters, such as Mr. Dog, are so well informed that they fail to realize they are reproducing arguments similar to those used to justify sterilization in the United States and extermination in Europe.

I will end with a comment left by my good friend, Gina Pera. She summarizes the problems with the book. I recommend that you also read her post where she lambasts Richard Saul, his book, and the nonsense that passes for ‘journalism’ nowadays.

In the comment below, “his website” refers to Richard Saul’s website.

FYI: Gina Pera is an internationally recognized expert on ADHD.

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