A.D.D.ers are Like Ogres

shrek.pngOne of the best lines in Shrek is when he says that Ogres are like onions because, like an onion, they have layers. Well…if you’ve got A.D.D. then you have plenty of layers to peel off so, start peeling them off by writing/blogging about them or talking about them with trusted friends. You’ll feel a whole lot better. Really really.

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  • http://www.ADHDpartner.org Gina Pera


    I had an entire draft of Chapter 3 (?) written using the onion analogy. Then I decided, comparing the built-up layers of negative feedback and negative mindsets among some pwADHD to a smelly root vegetable would not be a good idea. (Personally, I love onions.)

    So, I went with deconstructing the roller coaster.

    Great idea, anyway, Jeff. What’s that saying from AA circles: “You’re only as sick as your secrets?”

    In the face-to-face adult discussion groups, I love actually seeing the looks of relief as attendees hear others airing issues that they’d thought were their own little (big) quirks. Very liberating.


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