Adderall: The Academic Steroid

The problem of Adderall abuse by non-ADHDers.
Note to the Reader: I have ADHD. I use Adderall. The problem described in the video below is about Adderall use by NON-ADHDers.

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  • reg388

    Adderall is being singled out because its the most prescribed and available. It use to be Ritalin. Speed is speed, meth, what ever you what to call it. Adderral is no different than any other form of this amphetamine. The use is simply due to the ease with which it can be obtained. As soon as the next popular prescribed drug for ADHD comes to the forefront, they well be doing that one.

    • Jeffs ADD Mind

      Absolutely agreed!

      “As soon as the next popular prescribed drug for ADHD comes to the forefront, they well be doing that one.” – Sounds like a potential business opportunity. ;)

  • reg388

    Business opportunity for some. I have the curse, no buzz for me. Stuff makes me tired, it does help on other things and impairs or hurts others. No quick fix- unfortunately.

    The rest of the world seems to see us as bad people already. being associated with this drug/Adderall in any way elicits a negative response, or at least a suspicious one.

    I have back pain and a lot of others, old age, onward- when I go in for these meds they just hand them over.

    Same place, same every thing. To get my Adderall prescription they ask for ID, and quizzed me on dangers of the drug.

    I felt like a criminal, embarrassed, inferior, on and on, point- I now go to a drive through for the prescription. Because?


    • Jeffs ADD Mind

      My covered under my wife’s health insurance. They recently switched to a new company to handle prescriptions. I had a bit of a hard time getting *any* ADHD medication. It’s all been straightened out but, at first, I had to prove that I really needed it…which was easy…I gave them the URL for this blog. ;)

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