A.D.D. Snake Oils?

A.D.D. Snake Oil?

Need a cure for A.D.D.? You can choose:

Do any of these techniques work? Who knows. But if A.D.D. is truly a problem of a botched wiring job in the brain [note 1], none of these techniques directly address this wiring problem. The total sum of their effect may be no more than jiggling the wires of A.D.D. and, therefore, they require regular, on-going application since all they may do is temporarily relieve symptoms. That does NOT mean one should not try one of these methods. After all, we do have to somehow exist in a non-A.D.D. world. However, it DOES mean that an A.D.D.er will ALWAYS have to apply and reapply the snake oil.

Liver pills anyone? ;)

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Please contact me if you know of any scientific longitudinal studies that have shown that these methods – or any method – have a lasting effect.

  1. On the “botched wiring” see: Frontal Lobe Functioning, A.D.H.D. – Frontal Lobe Volume Smaller. We know that brains can self-repair and generate new neurons and connections. See: Brain cells coaxed into repair duty, Neurogenesis in the Adult Brain, Brain Repair by Cell Replacement & Regeneration.
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