A “Newcomer” to Adult A.D.D.

Note to the Reader: This post is comprised of some comments and email correspondence that I had with Scott. I have edited this material while trying to retain the original meaning and style of the writing.

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I was diagnosed Atypical M.S. in September 2006. [note 1] Went to Neuropsychologist for an evaluation about a year later, after for cognitive problems became obvious. Report was ADD symptoms. It’s new to me. I’m 48 and never had these problems before the brain lesions. I have studied ADD symptoms online sites. And I read things that are exactly my symptoms, posted by people with adult A.D.D. For example, I have been coming up with ideas very quickly and solutions to things I know/knew nothing about! It’s amazing! That’s the good part. The bad is, it sounds like (to people) that I can’t stay on a thought long enough to explain it to anyone (also I have speech/word finding problems). It’s weird. I can think like a genius and sound like a rambling dummy who can’t stay on subject. Like I probably do now to you. But I realize it. I know when I get up to go to a room to get something, while I’m on my way, I know I will forget what it was. It’s like…I can’t even explain this to you in typing words.

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Frontal lobe

Out of the 12 lesions (called tumors at the first MRI presentation in August 2006…this is a long story…brain biopsy, diagnostic dilemma, Atypical MS, seizures, 6 months of Cytoxan,  chemo once a month, all day Neuropsychological evaluation, A.D.D. symptoms, etc. A lot of info….too long to tell right now), the largest one is in the left frontal/temporal lobe, and at a later time, one in the right frontal that showed inflammation and which lead to chemo treatment.

I could be a poster boy for A.D.D. at this time. I can see by reading other ADD’ers comments/symptoms, and the way they have thought throughout life in general. The difference being that, as a child, I was not the attention seeker/disrupter in school. But was often asked to stay after class, to discuss my way of learning quickly, then not paying attention (daydreaming) and restless. My teachers were frustrated by my lack of not using my “gift”(their words), and why.

Oh, another thing, that is frustrating to me is the initial symptom that started my long road (MRI…etc..) to ADD diagnoses, was/is speech problems and word finding. I so very much want to discuss things with people, with my intellectual thoughts and amazing ideas I come up with, or just telling my wife something, but I sound like I don’t know what I’m talking about. It’s so wierd to me, to be aware of what’s happening, but not being able to stay on subject…taking ten minutes to tell people something and not even remember what the first subject was, but being quite aware of myself doing this at that moment. “Weird” is an understatement.

  1. Go here for information on M.S.
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