A Memorable Childhood

S everal months ago I received the following email:

I have no or little memory of my childhood.

Seems I only can recall traumatic events and the ridicule for school failure and not getting along with others. There had to be some, good things about childhood.  I can’t even remember being hugged or any form of affection from my parents, or anyone. I was not mistreated or any thing. But I have no recollection of any human contact of this type. What’s up with this? I have read other have the same problem.


This was my response:

I haven’t read any “scientific” studies on this but…yes…your memories (really…lack of memories) is corroborated by lots of anecdotal evidence. Like you, I have no memories of any mistreatment and I also don’t remember if there was any show of affection. However, I remember my mother telling me that, at an early age when my father tried to hug me, I had pushed him away. Maybe he should have tried again and, honestly, maybe he did. But it is likely that, as kids, we gave our parents different clues that meant “don’t hug me.”

I do remember a number of good and bad things from my childhood. However, with ADHDers, the bad stuff really stings and the wounds can be quite deep. Even worse, they keep haunting you decades after the event.


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