A Cure for A.D.D. – Thank You Dr. Baughman!

T he most amazing discovery has been made by Dr. Baughman. With one swift stroke of his ingenious pen (or should I say keyboard), Dr. Baughman has proven that A.D.D. is not a disease. It just does not exist! Yeah!! We don’t have A.D.D. anymore!! And Dr. Baughman should know. He spent his entire medical career determining if someone did or did not have a disease. He notes that the foundation of psychiatry is the “disease model,” namely that “a brain-based, chemical imbalance underlies mental disease.” And guess what! It ain’t true! As the good doctor tells us, no researcher has found any evidence whatsoever for this model. [note 1] However, lurking in the background are those sinister shylocks of the drug industry. They just keep inventing drugs and then need some way to sell it. So they invent diseases to go with their drugs. Sounds unbelievable, no? But we know for a fact that this happens in other important areas of life. In 1993, Toyota began development of a hybrid car. [note 2] During that time, Al Gore was gainfully employed as the Vice-President of the United States [note 3] and the movie Inconvenient Truth was not yet made. After the Supreme Court decision Bush v. Gore [note 4] Gore found that he was out of a job. Here is where the sinister cabal comes into play. Everyone knows those Japs are wily little people and surely they know that global warming is a fraud, that is, it is not an earthly disease. [note 5] But Toyota still had these hybrid cars and they needed some reason for people to buy them. Fortunately that reason was given to them by the wack-a-doodles [note 6] in California. The State of California sued Toyota and the other major car manufacturers for allowing their cars to emit large quantities of carbon dioxide and other stuff. [note 7] Well, the rest, as they say, is history. Toyota saw a copy of Inconvenient Truth, listened to the testimony at the California trial and then had the perfect reason to push their sissy hybrid cars on the real men of the United States of America.

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Be sure to revisit this blog in the near future when I prove that teenage sex is a disorder concocted by the condom manufacturers.

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Oh, one more thing. Please ignore this “Rebecca” lady. She thinks she’s got A.D.D. and refuses to acknowledge that it does not exist.

  2. Toyota Hybrid
  3. Al Gore, Genius or Putz?
  4. All My Exes Live In Texas The US Supreme Court. See also All My Exes
  5. Global Warming? Pish, posh
  6. Yes, that’s a technical term.
  7. Wack-a-doodles v Car Manufacturers Speaking of wack-a-doodles in California, did I mention that Dr. Baughman resides in that state?
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  • mattonen

    Hello Jeff,
    This is “Rebecca” – I noticed your comment regarding ignoring me because I refuse to Acknowledge that ADHD does not exist.. I apologize but I am confused here..

    The double negative is what has me.. are you saying that somehow I don’t accept the disorder I suffer from as real?

    I hope that isn’t what you are saying!

    To put your mind at rest, I have been professionaly diagnosed. And Yes, I do embrace it.

    Jeff, It is difficult enough to suffer every day from this disorder and to deal with the Naysayers out there, and when I saw your comment, I became very disheartened. That someone, who also has struggled with ADD/HD, would disredit another’s pain so quickly, and without even taking the time to reach out to know me, or my beliefs.

    Jeff, my hope is that those who face the challenges of this disorder everyday will be able to unite, and let our voices be heard to the people who can make a difference. Bring more education and knowledge to the Schools, the teachers, so that they may better understand how to embrace our gifts, help us turn our challenges into opportunity. To teach us to better learn how to manage our day to day lifes.

    To help us learn that we do not have to be ashamed, as there is nothing to be ashamed of. So the parents no longer have to feel guilt

    Jeff, I take Adderall – It works for me, but it took me a long time to understand and appreciate that I don’t have to be ashamed to take that medication. It is a good choice for me. just as other choices work for others.

    Jeff, it took me a very LONG time to become diagnosed, and for a long time I was misdiagnosed. That caused me more harm than good.. But, the hardest part of living with ADHD, isn’t so much living with it, but actually is society.. them, not understanding what I face every day, and not acknowledging.

    So, I hope you can understand, that having another person who Has ADHD, make a claim as you did was very dissapointing.

    Thanks for the opportunity for allowing me to share
    All the best

  • Jeff


    I apologize profusely for any pain my comment may have caused. It was not meant to be taken seriously but was meant as a tongue-in-cheek remark.

    I lived with A.D.D. for 46 years before it was diagnosed so I understand what it is like to live and struggle with it on a daily basis.

    And I hope it is obvious in my writings on both Dr. Baughman and Bob Collier that I consider them both to be frauds.


  • Jeff

    The following comments come from Making ADHD Work For You. They are a continuation of the comments above.
    Scribeman01 writes: “Hi Rebecca, Thank you for writing back. In reading Jeff’s post, to me, he clearly is supporting you as I am. If you review his post here, and the ones on his website, you will see that he has a fun, cynical style of writing.

    When Jeff wrote “…one more thing. Please ignore this “Rebecca” lady. She thinks she’s got A.D.D. disease and refuses to acknowledge that it does not exist,” Jeff is really mocking the deformed logic of Bob Collier and Dr. Baughman.”

    Rebecca writes: “I was closing out on this, and happened to see this response.. Okay, I have egg on my face.. My apologies! Even though I was upset at the comment, I had visited Jeff’s blog and did actually appreciate his comments that challenged the Naysayers!

    The problem with the internet, sometimes sarcasm or witt may be lost, and of course we ADHDR’s are ultra sensitive.. So again, I apologize, for my lack of sense of humor and taking this personal!”

  • ginapera

    Hey, I’ve been spelling it “whackadoodles!” But interesting that you chose the same word! Like minds.

    We can all sleep better, Jeff, knowing you’re on the trail of these nefarious conspiracies.

    Come to think of it, who thought about sleeping until the bed, linen, and pillow manufacturers started running all those ads in magazines and on TV? Hmmmmmmmm. And there’s no blood test that tells us we need to sleep, either!

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